Cymbidium cyperifolium


sūo yè lán

兰属地生或附生植物。生于林下排水良好、多石之地或岩石缝中,海拔900-1600米。分布于中国、尼泊尔、不丹、印度、缅甸、泰国、越南、柬埔寨、菲律宾。 在《中国物种红色名录》中被列入近危物种(VU)。

Ecology - Plants terrestrial or lithophytic, autotrophic. Forests, rocky places, crevices of rocks; 700-1800 m.

Distribution - Guangdong; S Guangxi; Guizhou; Hainan; Sichuan; Yunnan; Bhutan; Cambodia; India; Myanmar; Nepal; Philippines; Thailand and Vietnam.

Info -According to the China Species Red Lists, C.cyperifolium has been classified as near threatened(NT)species. This species may be faced with the situation of extinction in the near future unless we stop our exhaustive exploitation of it.

Watercolour, 66 x 46 cm (26" x 18"), China
© Işık Güner, 2016

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