Tainia viridifusca (Hooker) Bentham & J.D. Hooker


gāo zhě dài chún lán

带唇兰属地生植物。产云南(东川、石屏、思茅、勐腊)。常生于海拔1500-2000米的常绿阔叶林下。也分布于印度东北部、缅甸、泰国和越南。模式标本采自印度东北部。 高褶带唇兰具有良好的观赏价值,但近年来却处于濒危,甚至灭绝的状况。人为的砍伐破坏和滥挖、过度采收,使其所在林分或群落遭到不同程度的破坏。在《中国物种红色名录》中被列入易危物种(VU)。

Ecology - Plants terrestrial. Evergreen broad-leaved forests; 1500-2000 m.

Distribution - NE, S, and SE Yunnan; NE India; Myanmar; Thailand and Vietnam.

Info - T. Viridifusca is listed as vulnerable(VU) by the China Species Red Lists. This species , which has very high ornamental characteristic, is endangered or even become extinct in recent years. The disturbance of the human-caused cutting and deforestation make its community is being destroyed to various certain extents.

Watercolour, 84 x 60 cm (33" x 24"), China
© Işık Güner, 2016

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