Vanda brunnea H.G. Reichenbach


bái zhù wàn dài lán

万代兰属附生草本植物。生长于海拔800-2000m的疏林中或林缘树干上。分布于中国云南东南部至西南部、缅甸、泰国、越南。 在《中国物种红色名录》中,白柱万代兰已被列入濒危(EN)。由于具有观赏价值,野生白柱万代兰被过度采挖,受威胁程度极为严重。因此,减少对野生白柱万代兰的过度采挖利用已成为当务之急。

Ecology - Herbs, epiphytic, commonly on tree trunks in open forests or at forest margins at elevations 800-2000m.

Distribution - S China (Yunnan province, from SE to SW);
Myanmar; Thailand and Vietnam.

Info - According to the China Species Red List,
Vanda brunnea has been classified as endangered (EN) species.
As this rare species produce fragrant flowers of outstanding beauty, therefore they are widely collected
by local people for sale as ornamental plants highly demanded on local orchid markets.
Last times species become rare due to wide commercial collecting and needs effective protection.

Watercolour, 66 x 46 cm (26" x 18"), China
© Işık Güner, 2016

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