Paphiopedilum wardii Summerh


cǎi yún dōu lán

产缅甸北部(模式标本产地)和我国云南西南部墨江与保山一带。海拔1200~ 1700m,生于林下多石之地。

Ecology - Plants terrestrial. Shaded and steep rocks or near roots of large trees at forest margins or in forests along streams
(1-3 m from water); 1200-1700m..

Distribution - SW Yunnan and Myanmar.

Info - Flowering in December to March, Paphiopedilum wardii is so popular with household consumers.
To cater to market demand, long-term unrestrained
logging finally caused P. wardii is threatened with extinction. According to the China Species Red List,
P. wardii has been listed as critically endangered (CR) species. .

Watercolour, 41 x 34 cm (16" x 13"), China
© Işık Güner, 2016

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