Dendrobium fimbriatum

Dendrobium fimbriatum

This was the 10th and the final painting I did for this project.


This was the 10th and the final painting I did for this project. Dendrobium was the missing genus for my series of paintings, and I was really hoping to catch its flowering time. So in May, Dendrobium fimbriatum was full blossoming, as well as some nice flower buds was just showing off!

It took about a month to complete this painting from scratch, but I took it easy, it wasn’t long hours of working, some days I took off to get relax in this amazing part of the world. As a team also we were working very hard to finalize the preparations of our exhibition marathon.

Once my final painting and all the preparations are done, we were ready to start our exhibition marathon!

Dendrobium fimbriatum Dendrobium fimbriatum Dendrobium fimbriatum

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