Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica

Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica

A little beauty, shining blue in the dark green forest. I wanted to prepare this post to able to describe my crush on this plant.

As a traveller, since 2007 I was here and there, chasing after flowers, teaching in many other countries, working on different projects around the world. Since 2007, the longest time I stayed in one place was 5 months. Once, I have managed to stay in Edinburgh 5 months in row, 4 months in China, and another 4 months in my home. Apart from that jumping from one place to another. Now in these surreal times the world is facing, we are obligated to stay in our homes, and I am fully taking advantage of this pandemic by observing the nature longer stretches of time. My home is in the heart of wilderness and this gives me the opportunity to see how the season chances from one to another, buds are flowering, browns turning into golden green colour.  And this is the time I have actually seen this plant in such abundance.

I have met this plant many other time in the wild, where I live and in my other botanical adventures with Viranatura Tours around Turkey. Plant is always beautiful, delicate and has such a florescent blue colour but so far it didn’t get my attention fully, in between many other species were showing off. So here we are, in the spring time, and almost every species in this land started to getting crazy and flowering at the same time. This plant also started to show itself, here and there, but with in time, it started to cover all the forest! They are everywhere and to see them in such abundance makes my heart melts I must say. Imagine a dark green forest includes different shades of green, and this little blue flowers are shining in it, so precious, so delicate, so charming.

I left all my other work to a side, and as a botanical artist I didn’t want to suppress my desire to paint this species. I have started to do a few preliminary sketches that lead to a final painting. It was a challenge in one way as the flowers are so tiny, and I draw life size, and matching the true colour of this florescent blue flowers with watercolor pigments was super complicated.

Then, I couldn’t stop and keep practicing with the same species, but this time, I draw them bigger than life size which I usually don’t do. Perhaps this was my way to express my feelings about this blue gem of the forest.

I hope you will enjoy by looking at these paintings as I did enjoy very much painting them. For showing my appreciation to this species, I have prepared this ‘Little Blue Book’ for you to download and print. I thought it could be a sweet present for those who stuck in their houses and don’t have so much opportunity to be connected with nature in these days. You may like to print and make your own little blue book, or perhaps you print any page you like in larger size to frame and hang to your walls, and if you like please share it with me. I would love to see these blue flowers around the world.

I am sending you flowers from my home town, Çamlıhemşin, Turkey.


PDF file is uploaded to WeTransfer, and here is the link for you to download and only will be here in the next 7 days. With in this time you may like to share this link with the loved ones to spread the flowers.

If you are interested more in the original artwork of any of these paintings, please have a look at these links for the information and contact me for the arrangements.

Life size painting of Omphalodes cappacocia

Bigger size painting of Omphalodes cappacocia

Loads of Love


Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica Little Blue Book - Omphalodes cappodocica

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