10x10 - Particles of Life - Istanbul Concept Gallery

10x10 - Particles of Life - Istanbul Concept Gallery

Istanbul Concept Gallery's new exhibition "Particles of Life" opens on Thursday, September 12th. Curated by Işık Gençoğlu, this exhibition will be the fifth of the 10x10 Exhibition Series of Istanbul Concept Gallery. The exhibition will last until October 12th and include 10 works by 10 artists, a total of 100 works will be presented to the audience.

Ayşegül İzer/ Bekiaris Hariton/ Cankat Kalyoncu/ Elif Songur Dağ/ Gamze Yalçın/ Hülya Botasun/ Işık Güner/ Martin Baeyens/ Serdar Şencan/ Sinan Dağ
Curator: Işık Gençoğlu

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