Studio at the XTBG

Studio at the XTBG

A trip to China, and it is all about Orchids!

My first visit to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, XTBG was on January, 2015. I have stayed there for 3 months to prepare the first sketches of a series of endangered orchids.

I had a really great studio there, with a big space and amazing daylight comes through windows. This was one of the best studios so far I have been working in!

I had a chance to work on 9 species of Orchids during this time. I was so pleased with the help of people from XTBG. They were very kindly helping to get my sample, providing scientific support, and their kindness made me feel very comfortable.. Looking forward to go there again next year!

Studio at the XTBG Studio at the XTBG

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