Turkey Plant List (Vascular Plants)

Turkey Plant List (Vascular Plants)

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As the first step of the project ‘Illustrated Flora of Turkey’, Turkey Plant List (Vascular Plants) was published in 2013.

This book is a first of its kind because;

  • It is covering all the plants in Turkey’s geographical boundaries
  • All the species is written and given their Turkish names goes along with the scientific names.

Approximately the preparations of this book took 2.5 years.

There are a total of 1290 pages.

102 scientists who contributed to the preparation of this book.


The Editor team of the book is the Director of Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden, Porf. Dr. Adil Güner, Serdar Aslan, Prof. Dr. Tuna Ekim, Prof. Dr. Mecit Vural and Prof. Dr. Tekin Babaç.

You can get a copy of the book from Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden, please click here to see the contact in NGBB.


Cover of the book – Yitik lale (Tulipa Sprengerii BAKER)

The cover of the book is painted by me. I have come across with the plant in Chelsea Garden Show, 2012, London. There are records of its collection form Turkey 1890s, then it is recorded as extinct in its own habitat, that’s way it is called Yitik Lale means lost tulip.. it still can be found in some of the botanic gardens.

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