Collecting Samples

Collecting Samples

All the species I will paint for this project is collected from the nursery of the garden. XTBG is a big botanical garden, so you might need to take small electric busses, or have a long walk. Generally I do my scientific illustration in the studio, not in the field, so what I need to do is go to the nursery, get my sample and bring back to my studio to prepare my initial studies. To make this process easy going for me, they have given me a green electric scooter which we called ‘George’. XTBG is producing its own electric from the river surround the garden, so everything was very environmental friendly!

People from the XTBG were kindly helping me to get my sample, identify it, and make sure I am working on the right sample! And they have an amazing nursery, was always hard for me to choose my sample, so many subjects! All are a beauty!

Collecting Samples Collecting Samples Collecting Samples Collecting Samples Collecting Samples

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