Back to Xishuangbanna!

Back to Xishuangbanna!

Here I am, after a year later, back to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) to work on my final painting for the exhibition, and actually start our exhibition marathon.

Nothing has changed here since last year, almost everything was same, except some nice people has joined to the crew of XTBG, and some nice people has left for their own adventures. So it was not difficult at all for me to settle and start to work on my new specie of orchid!

After a couple of days dealing with some paper works and finding my new studio, I was ready to start. I couldn’t use the same old amazing studio last year, although it was still exactly how I left it! This time of the year, weather is getting a bit of crazy in Xishuangbanna, so the studio was boiling even with the air conditioner! But my friend, Kyle very kindly offered to share his office with me. Although he was almost getting crazy, during the time I was in his office, we handle it well anyway. He was thinking somebody is knocking the door all the time! =) No, no, it wasn’t me!

Well, so I have settle in his room with a view of the mountains (I am talking about actual rainforest mountains, not rubber tree mountains!) and a good light. Then I have immediately visited the orchid nursery, to pick my plant. One of my favorite place in the garden. So many very valuable orchids are flowering at the same time, and this make me mad.. almost impossible to choose what to paint. After couple of hours I have spent in the nursery, just looking, photographing amazing orchids of China, I have selected my specimen… Dendrobium fimbriatum.

Back to Xishuangbanna! Back to Xishuangbanna! Back to Xishuangbanna! Back to Xishuangbanna! Back to Xishuangbanna! Back to Xishuangbanna!

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