The Team

The Team

With a great force of Richard Corlett, we come up with this new team. Prof. Gao, who is the head of the orchid team, suggested one of his master student, Song, to work on this project, doing all the surveys and the research as her master degree subject. Wang Ximin, head of education in XTBG, also a very good friend of Sophie, willingly become the leader of the project and did all the arrangement with other botanic gardens, and support us whenever we need to continue our project with ease.. My part in this project just continued as it is, preparing the illustrations, making all the arrangement about designing the exhibition area, and trying to keep safe all the illustrations. This was a bit stressful part for me, because not only my paintings were there, also two other Chinese illustrators were happy to involve with our project. Hui Rui Hua has prepared 20 orchid paintings with traditional Chinese style and Yan Lan is another Chinese artist who is working on scientific illustrations of orchids. She has prepared 11 illustrations, and her paintings actually belong to the Shanghai Botanical Garden. They were very kindly let us to use the original artworks for our exhibition marathon.

The Team

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