And finally the exhibition!

And finally the exhibition!

The long-standing work of many botanists and botanical artists was finally exhibited in the John Hope Gateway Hall in Edinburgh between 6 August-6 November 2016. I could not be there because I was in China at that time, but my paintings were happy to be there, so I am!

It was inevitable to exhibit Nepalese plants in Kathmandu. In June of 2017, these paintings were exhibited in the Neera’s art gallery who is a well-known painter of Nepal. To this exhibit in Nepal, project leader Jacqui and Claire participated and they organized another workshop. It is hopeful to see the interest in botanical painting increased with these workshops.

The last step of this exhibition was at the Benmore Botanical Garden in June 2017. Years ago, I was stayed in this quiet botanical garden to paint Chilean plants. It was very exciting and enjoyable for me to be there again and to be at the last exhibition of this project.

We are very pleased that our work took place on the Sunday Telegraph.

And finally the exhibition! And finally the exhibition! And finally the exhibition!

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