The book is out!

The book is out!

My book, Botanical Illustration From Life, which I’ve been working on quite along is finally published!

It is the most exciting news and I’m quite happy to share my insights and experiences on botanical art with you through this book. I’ve been painting plants more than a decade and as a some kind of result, I started to write this book at 10th year. Hoping that it will guide you on your journey to learning and studying processes on the plants.

The book published in three languages, English, Spanish and French. All of these three editions is available online, you can purchase the book from the links below.

Spanish Edition by Parramon Editorial - Dibujo de Botánica and also available at bookstores in Spain

English Edition by Search Press - Botanical Illustration From Life 

French Edition by Parramon Editorial will be available on October 8th at - Dessiner D'après Nature

Or you can purchase it from Amazon from here

Also, we had a lovely chat on Botanitopya at Açık Radyo about my book. You can listen it from here.

And here are some reviews for the book

A Reader From Stockport
5 September 2019
This book was full of beautiful illustrations on every page.The colour reproduction was excellent. There was a good number of step by step instructions which were very clear and informative. I always have trouble with leaves especially the veining. There was a very good section on that explaining the placement of shadows veins and so on. It was clear enough for beginners and detailed enough for more experienced botanical artists. I would highly recommend this book.

Sarah Roberts
30 August 2019
This is a brilliant book for anyone who is interested in the process of making botanical illustrations. Designed to appeal to artists, illustrators, botanists and plant lovers, it is written with warmth and generosity and a great love for plants. It's basically a how-to book but with all sorts of extra information, insights and observations from this highly regarded professional botanical artist and teacher. There are some great contributions from other experts too.
Full of beautiful illustrations, Isik Guner takes the reader on a delightful journey through all aspects of observing, drawing and painting plants for scientific accuracy and aesthetic appeal. The book makes a welcome contribution to the botanical artist's bookshelf in that the emphasis throughout the book is on making work from direct observations of living plants. Isik gives the reader lots of useful insights into the craft of working with these difficult subjects, including clear and detailed step-by step examinations of methods of creating botanical artworks. There is also some very wise advice for helping to think around problemmatic areas and knotty issues.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves art and plants. In particular, I urge all students, practioners and enthusiasts of botanical art to rush out and buy a copy!

2 September 2019
So comprehensive, all you need to inspire you in Botanical Illustration. Beautifully produced book, packed with information and guidance for anyone interested in Botanical Illustration. A serious study in how to observe plants and portray their characteristics. Highly recommend.

30 August 2019
..this book is fabulous....covers everything you need to know about drawing and painting botanical pictures...definitely a must have book for the beginner and for those needing a refresher.

The book is out! The book is out! The book is out!

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