Botanical Illustration from Life

Botanical Illustration from Life

Evin Art Gallery is hosting Işık Güner's solo exhibition, "Botanical Illustration from Life", between December 8, 2020 - January 9, 2021.

The exhibition is prepared in tandem with botanical artist Işık Güner's first Turkish edition of her book Dibujo De Botánica (Botanical Illustration From Life), which was first published in Spain in 2017 and was subsequently translated into English and French.

Işık Güner, who has been a botanical artist for more than ten years having completed her bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering, has painted wild plants in many parts of the world and took part in plant cpnservation projects. The book is a project she has been working on for the last three years and is translated into Turkish under the name of Doğanın Detaylarını Görmek. It is the first book in our country that describes botanical illustration in a scientific manner, outlining the techniques involved in it. Providing ample details as to the methods applied when illustrating a plant, the book introduces native plants to various parts of the world as well. In the past few years she has taken part in several plant conservation projects such as "Beauty of Orchids, China" and  "Plants of Nepal"; some of her illustrations from these projects have found themselves in the collections of Shirley Sherwood, London, Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh and the Hunt Institute, USA. Currently, she has been working as an art editor in the project titled "The Illustrated Flora of Turkey " and as a tutor in the Distance Diploma Course in Botanical illustration at Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. 

Sharing the same title with her book, Işık Güner's exhibition will display up to fifty of her works. The exhibiton will have several herbarium specimens of the plants she has depicted in her works, providing a comprehensive narrative as to the art of Işık Güner. The attendees will be able to take part in journeys to different lands with each botanical illustration in the exhibition. In her exhibition, Botanical Illustration from Life, Güner will bring the audience not only the final version of a painting, but also the way she took to complete a painting through drawing exercises, sketches and color experiments. You will witness a long-lasting adventure in the world of plants in Işık Güner's exhibition, who embraces botanical illustration as a way of life and continues her life along that path.

The exhibition Botanical Illustration from Life can be seen at Evin Art Gallery until January 9, 2021.

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